Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Today is my 8th birthday.

In the morning everybody said "Happy Birthday" to me. I found 2 presents lying on the piano. Yesterday my Mom bought me a nicely decorated cake. It has my name on it. In the evening my sister, Fei, called to wish me "happy birthday". She talked to me for a long time. Then she said she would call me back at night. I also talked to my Dad who was in Hongkong.

At night my sister, Fei went online on the internet. The other sister, Su called. We had the whole family except my Dad. We talked to her online on the speaker. My maid gave me one extra present.

Then we sang the "Happy Birthday" song to me. I made my wish and blew out the candles all in one breath. Then I ripped opened the presents. One was a "M&M Funmachine", the other was a remote control car. The last one was a "Dinosaur Digging Adventure".


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