Sunday, June 17, 2007

Yeepee!My heart leaped for joy.It was the school holidays and it was time to enjoy.However,right now,its almost the end of the four weeks of school holidays!

On the third week of the June holidays,probably on Tuesday,we went to KL to visit our friends.KoKo and Shuan didn't come,but we had a vistor from young man in clementi ward(our ward)to come with us to KL!

Next day,I went to Derrick Wongs house and slept over for the night.It was fun.I brought along my new Pokemon CD's!We watched it in the afternoon.At night,we played a game we invented with Vincent(the previous trip I came Gordan and Vincent came to sleep over and we had a pokemon pillow fight!)

When I was going back to Ukay Heights house,I begged mom to let Derrick come with us for a short while.Instead,mom let him come with us to Kuantan(where his cousins live.)

We got to see Rex again(sahpak's dog that bit KoKo)and I introuduced him to Derrick who hadn't a good feeling about him!The at night,we had a pillow fight with Ern and John.Derrick was on my side.Acctually,we reached at evening and me and Derrick went straigt to the beach once we got our hands on the keys.We(me and Derrick)didn't acctually swim,we dug a few ponds and connected them with alot of tilted canals.We did this to drain water and bring it back to the sea!

After hours of fun,we finally went back into the house to take a shower.After that,we went out and had dinner.Then we went to the bed room and had that pillow fight I mentiond about.Then we rolled our selves in the bed covers like sauseges and the objective was to try and escape.

After some much wriggling,we finally went to sleep.In the morning,we had breakfast and went to the beach.We saw how dad controlled Tiger(sahpak's dog)!

This time,we spent most of the time in the water which was really fun.We played with the foamy waves pretending they were our enemies and I even went kanooeing with mom!

Later,we had lunch and played some card games.Then,at night,sahum sevred us to a wonderful western dinner.Next day was saturday.We woke up at about 5:30,loaded the car and went back to KL.

We dropped Derrick at his house,said goodbye to Kakatun and left for singapore.Since I hadn't got my new glasses,I had to return to KL the next day!!

KoKo went with me to KL this time.But Shuan decided to stay in Singapore.We went to the Ukay Heights house.Kakatun was suprised to see me.I spent the night with her.

The next morning,dad came and picked me,Kakatun and Simba up to bring us to the apartment where he lives.It was nice staying there.On Friday,dad brought me to my old school and I got to see my friends!

Today,Derrick was very suprised to see me still here!To my suprise,Shayna and Connans family were here too!Well,I leave for Singapore tommorow.Well,thats all I got to say now.Byyyyyyeeeeeee>.<

This is Derrick and me at the beach

Our success!

Mmmm...delicious crabs!
At the Teluk Chempedak beach with my best friend

Me and Mom at the Teluk Chempedak beach

Me and my old friends in Chung Hwa, my former school in KL


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