Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hi. Sorry for not updating for so long, but my interests are not usually in blogging.

Today, I went to a birthday party for my nephew and niece. I had a great time(I usually do...) while playing with my nephew, David's, friends. When I got there, I found my niece, Beverly, with a church friend. I had brought along some so called "gadgets" that consisted of: a listening device (a bug if you will), a motion detector (which rings when it detects movement) and a set of night vision goggles.

We had a pretty fun time checking them out.

The church friend's name was something like Yu Han. I know its pretty mean, but I made fun of him and Beverly. As the guest started to arrive, I started getting a little bored, so I helped out a bit with preparing for the real party. But at one point, I realized I had been unaware of something.

At that time I hadn't known that the party would be for two people, not only one. I only realized when Beverly stuck her hand out, demanding a present from me. I didn't have one. I didn't have anything for David either but I had the nerve not to ask whose other birthday it was?

I felt pretty bad.

The party started of with a the food of course. Family and guest swarmed to get the most delicious food. The children like me especially targeted the two boxes of Japanese pizza and pizza in the four boxes from Pizza Hut. Great food it was! I had one of my favorite food. Potatoes. My mom had cooked potato salad for the party! I took a large helping (under my terms as my body is quite small) and ate away. I also had a sushi with salmon meat on the top. It was begged for (no exaggeration on that) from a boy called Jonathan.I didn't get on my knees of course.

After that, I played with balloons with some of a few new found friends and a nephew called Joshua. Then, it was back to boredom. Beverly and Yu Han went to the pool for a swim in the dark while David had gone in earlier. I had lost my favorite playmate. I went back up to the clubhouse where the party took place. I was not allowed to swim as it was Sunday so I was annoyed and jealous. Go figure.

Finally, I was forced to enter into the games of David and his friends. They had borrowed my gadgets. I got in in the nick of time to play two games of police and thief, using the gadgets to make it more exciting. Then, I volunteered to play capture the flag. We needed more players so we went up stairs to recruit somemore. We found some children playing scrabble. Beverly and Yu Han were there as they had finished swimming (I tell you, the two were never seen apart the whole party). We got a few people to play with us. Unfortunenatly only a few people came to the playground below which was our meeting spot and soon, they wandered off.

The capture the flag idea had been a complete failure.

We went up to the clubhouse and just hung around for awhile before it was time to sing the birthday songs. We sang and afterward, the guest started to depart. Finally, Beverly vented her anger which seemed to be keeping in for quite a while by whacking Yu Han with balloons after playing ping pong with him. I joined in the fun when I saw what was happening after whacking the ping pong ball with a balloon. I guess I needed something else to do.

Then, was time to go. We had a lift home by my cousin. I had relunctantly entered the car. It had not been so boring. But when I chatted with Beverly on Live messenger, she said she had not enjoyed the party. I wondered why. Beverly had been maturing at a fast rate and was usually more emotional but I thought she had some fun at least.

I guess she needs to loosen up. I typed to her telling her she was acting as though the world hated her.

She typed back a yes....

Relax Beverly!