Monday, September 02, 2013


  Haha... Wow. Just how long has it been since I've actually posted anything here.
  Hello Mr.Nobody that for some reason is reading this. I'm Ray, and this is supposed to be my personal blog that I have not touched for years and years, owing to me not having any interest in writing, and the fact that this blog never belonged to me in the first place, simply maintained by my dad while I jumped on and off his computer.
  Ah, the good old days.
  Well, this blog won't be my main concern; I'll just post one or two things every now and then. Now, in 2013, I suppose that Facebook is the main player in keeping records and memories. Blogger is still a good tool though; here I can write as much as I want and not feel bad about it.
  I haven't got anything particular to talk about. I just posted here to prove something; I'm still not sure what. But if you read this, know that I'm still alive, and it's been about five or six years since I've touched this. Also, know that I'm extremely embarrassed at how I used to spell and type. I guess experience really does change things.
  My O's are coming up and it's a busy time. Stuff to study and review.
  I'm not really going to dwell on that here.
  If anyone's interested, I've set up a writing blog where I just post whatever stuff I want: poems, short stories, allegories, whatever.
  Even Final Fantasy Transcripts.